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Flex Bon Seamless Floors
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McKees Rocks, PA 15136
(412) 331-1420

Flex Bon Customer Testimonials

Hi, Randy.

Finally completed the shower floor and it looks great. Flex Bon flooring seems to be the ideal product to resolve my leaking tile shower floor. First I stripped down the floor to the original hardwood. Then I placed the plywood subfloor over the hardwood. I placed the cement board over the plywood subfloor and finished the floor with the Flex Bon epoxy coating and five coats of sealer. I also caulked the edges of the plywood subfloor with acrylic caulk and caulked the edges of the finished floor with a good quality silicone sealer. As you can see in the photos, it came out perfect.

Thanks for a great product and all your advice and tips.

Earl from Illinois

(photos of Earl's project on front page)

Hello Randy,

The flooring looks great! Comments are just coming in and everyone likes the new bathouse remodel and your new flooring. Now for the true test... longevity which I'm sure will be good too.


Tom Crook
Crooked Acres Campground

Dear Randy:

On behalf of all the officers of the McKees Rocks Police Department, I would like to thank you for the wonderful job Flex Bon Seamless Flooring did our officer's locker room. Everyone is thrilled with the improved look of the locker room after Flex Bon Seamless Flooring was applied.

Thank you again.


Bob Cifrulak
McKees Rocks Chief of Police

Hey Randy:

We got through our first season with rave reviews on our restroom floors. Rose, our housekeeping lady always does a good job of cleaning the restrooms, but this year we got "WOW!"s from our customers in their reaction to the floors.

Thanks for a great product.

Bill J.
Owner, KOA campground

Thank you so much for your great product. A friend recommended Flex-Bon to us and we thought we would give it a try. We applied it ourselves and were so pleased with the result. When people come into the house they always remark about how nice the floor looks. Our next project will be outside on the front porch.

Thanks again for your help.

Pittsburgh, PA


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. We installed our kitchen floor this weekend. We had a urethane floor professionally installed in 1984 and it held up very well. It was never re-glazed.

I used a drum sander with 36 grit (the vibrating sander just wasn't cutting it and time was short) to prepare the old surface. The directions were very easy to follow and we were very pleased with the results. I did use the vibrating sander prior to the first coat of glaze. It worked very well to knock off the loose flakes and edges.

Thanks again,

Joe C., California

For years we have used Flex Bon on our bath house floors, then found another great use--putting it on benches in the bath house as a protectant. We have used the "clear" finish coat for this and we have run out. More benches to seal.


Debbie A., campground manager
Blairsville, Georgia


You saw the condition of our back porch prior to the application of Flex Bon. While I was initially concerned about the cracks in the concrete, it's been four years now and Flex Bon has held up to the elements as well as keeping our porch from further deterioration. Plus my wife loves the terrazzo style.

My neighbor had the same issue with his porch but used a "flooring in a box" product bought at a box store and has not gotten the same result. While Flex Bon required a little more cash outlay, I don't have to redo my porch like he does.

Quality made the difference. Feel free to use this letter so customers understand that there is a wide gulf in terms of quality of epoxy flooring out there. Thanks again.

Larry C.
Scott Township, Pennsylvania