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Flex Bon Seamless Floors
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Residential Applications for Seamless Poured Flooring

Flex Bon Seamless Flooring is the ideal solution for many areas around your home.

Bathrooms, garages, kitchens, gamerooms, laundry rooms and entry ways are perfectly suited for the timeless terrazzo look of Flex Bon. Flex Bon also works very well on exterior decks and patios, because of its extremely tough, environmentally friendly acrylic finish which is available with a non-skid additive at no extra charge.

Available in easy to apply D-I-Y kit form, Flex Bon Seamless Flooring can finish off your flooring project, on your own time schedule in less than a weekend, without needing either special tools or skills. And Flex Bon comes in a variety of color combinations to select from, as well as custom combinations upon request.

Flex Bon is also perfect for older basements, where the floor may be rough or uneven, and not suited for tile.

The unique look of the multi-colored flakes will camouflage and minimize the unevenness and imperfections making it a very cost effective way to dress up that old basement floor as well as add value to your home.

Maintenance on a Flex Bon Seamless Floor is surprisingly minimal. Simply mop with a very small amount of detergent and rinse. No waxing or stripping--ever. And if the glaze should begin to show dullness or wear after several years, a coat or two of the Flex Bon glaze will quickly restore it to brand new condition. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

Flex Bon Seamless Flooring Residential Application Photos
Garage before Flex Bon Seamless Poured Flooring Garage after Flex Bon Seamless Poured Flooring
Firebox before Flex Bon Seamless Flooring Firebox after Flex Bon Seamless Flooring
Back porch before Flex Bon Seamless Flooring Back porch after Flex Bon Seamless Flooring

Flex Bon Seamless Flooring can be used for many residential applications. If you have ideas and would like to discuss them, please call us at (412) 331-1420 or email us at flexbon@flexbonflooring.com. Thank you.