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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Seamless Flooring

We've been around since 1962, and have fielded all kinds of inquiries about Flex Bon seamless flooring products. Following are the questions most typically asked.

Why surface your floor with Flex Bon seamless surfacing system?

It's a fact that the fewer seams there are in a floor, the less maintenance is required. The average floor has hundreds of dirt-trapping seams which are impossible to keep completely clean. Linoleum fares better, but generally the soft surface is easily gouged and cannot be repaired when damaged.

What applications are best for the Flex Bon seamless surfacing system?

Since 1962, Flex Bon has been covering the floors of major industries, state parks, churches, laboratories, campgrounds, and homes all across the country. Not limited to use on floor areas, this remarkable seamless surfacer has been applied to kitchen countertops, walls, and even boat decks! One gentleman even surfaced the entire outside of his truck with Flex Bon -- now that's creativity!

How does it work?

The Flex Bon seamless surfacing system is available in easy to apply, do-it-yourself kits consisting of:

  • A two-component, pigmented epoxy base coat specially formulated and manufactured by Flex Bon to provide maximum adhesion, even over difficult or uneven substrates.
  • Vinyl flakes, available in a wide variety of colors and limitless combinations to match any interior.
  • A specially formulated, self-crosslinking, high solids, VOC compliant acrylic glaze to provide excellent wearability and a high-gloss finish.

How is Flex Bon applied?

Adobe PDF DocumentFlex Bon Application Instructions

Preparation: Cement floors are sanded or mechanically scarified to ensure adhesion of the epoxy base coat. All holes, cracks, and seams are patched or filled.

Base Coat Application: Two-component epoxy base coat is applied to prepared surface. Vinyl flakes are broadcast into wet epoxy. Entire floor is then allowed to cure (approximately 18 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Glazing: After curing, entire surface is sanded smooth and vacuumed. Two coats of Flex Bon Seamless Floor Glaze AC are applied over the surface, allowing 6 hours (at 70 degrees Fahrenheit) between coats. Total down time is two days.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.