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Pebble fooring just doesn't cut the mustard.
A typical pebble flooring product applied in a garage. Any oil drippings will seep down through the pebbles and be very difficult to clean.

Ask the Flexpert

Below are some of the questions from customers that I've fielded in the last few months. I'm putting them up to serve as a guide to those interested in pre-configured flooring packages.

Q: What about these epoxy floors with stones or pebbles embedded in them, that seem to be increasingly popular?

A: Sure, flooring like this is perfect around a pool, but if you think about it for a moment you'd never want that in your house.

Imagine having an english muffin for a floor... everything you spill on it goes into a nook or cranny. And if the kids drop peanut butter or something else gooey, well you get the picture real quick.

Not only that, these types of floors are never D-I-Y, and most installers go out of business after a few screwed up jobs, since they were franchisees who were only in it to make a quick buck and not deal with problems and repeated callbacks for repair. Plus, if you ever want to put a different type of flooring over top, you will have to completely chisel off the existing floor, a very labor intensive and costly prospect indeed.

The entire concept of a seamless epoxy floor is based on the fact that it's extremely low maintenance, impervious to everyday mishaps and suitable for a wide variety of application areas, not to mention it should be a system that almost anyone could apply themselves. Flex Bon meets and exceeds all those criteria.

Dogs hate Flex Bon because it's too tough and can't be scratched
Rustoleum® is a great company that makes great products. However, when it comes to epoxy flooring systems, Flex Bon is superior. Call us at (412) 331-1420 and we'll tell you why.

Q: What about these floor-in-a-box products that seem to be everywhere these days?

A: Over the past several years, many companys, including some famous brand names, have begun selling "epoxy" floor coating products which look similar to Flex Bon.

Although the appearance is similar, the actual components of their systems are completely different and inferior to the Flex Bon Seamless Surfacing System. Know what you're buying before you make more work for yourself in the long run.

Flex Bon Epoxy Base Coat is pure epoxy resin and hardener--no solvents, and no water. This type of epoxy is vastly superior to "water-based" epoxy coatings in adhesion, chemical resistance and durability. This is the only type of epoxy Flex Bon has manufactured since 1962, and we will never compromise the quality of our products.

Also, many of these "floor in a box" type products have no type of sealer to apply over their "epoxy" and flake systems. No wonder so many people are disappointed after a few months to see their garage and patio floors worn and literally washed off. Flex Bon Seamless Floor Glaze AC is a specially formulated self-crosslinking, high solids, VOC compliant acrylic glaze designed to withstand the heaviest traffic, while providing excellent chemical resistance.

So don't be fooled by a box with a famous brand name on it. Know what you are getting.

Have questions about the components or application of Flex Bon? You can always call us toll-free at (412) 331-1420, or email us at flexbon@flexbonflooring.com for personal and direct assistance from the manufacturer.

--Randy Johnson, owner